Chiropractic Testimonials

"Two months ago, I woke up in terrible pain. I couldn’t move my neck and had pain shooting down my arm and my thumb was numb. I went to an MD, who put me on steroids for a week. The drugs did nothing to help. Friends urged me to call Dr. Suchoff to see if he could help. Now, I was not a chiropractic believer but was in so much pain that I made the call. I was given an appointment that same day — despite the fact that it was the beginning of the 4th of July holiday weekend. When I met with Dr. S, I knew I was in good hands. He saw how much pain I was in and told me what to do over the long weekend to see if I could get some relief. Now, the Dr. was going away for the weekend — yet he gave me his cell # and told me to call him each day of the weekend to let him know how I was feeling. I did call him as instructed…and he called me back each time! WHAT DOCTOR DOES THAT TODAY? Dr. S explained every step of the healing process and what I should expect. I was amazed that each thing he told me actually did happen! Today, I am pain-free and have regained the feeling in my thumb. I cannot say enough good things about this man…he truly cares about his patients and knows how to make them feel better. Thank you, doc!"

- Barbara P.

"I love the Win Diet! I have finally found a diet that really works for me and is easy to stick with. I have lost 46 pounds in about 3 1/2 months and am currently in the maintenance phase. For the first time in my life, I am happy with my weight. I’ve done every diet out there, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, etc. and yes they worked but not at this pace and THAT was the difference for me! My first weigh-in after 10 days was 10 pounds! I averaged 4 pounds of weight loss each week and that’s what kept me motivated to keep going. You have to be very strict and follow the plan exactly, but it works and you WILL get the results you want. I was going on vacation only a month after I started so I was very nervous, but Dr. Suchoff gave me great advice to follow while I was away. I didn’t feel deprived at all and I still lost 2 pounds that week! Dr. Suchoff is very encouraging and easy to talk to. He wants to see you succeed and motivates you every step, EVEN if you didn’t do that great one week

I do like to indulge a little on the weekends, but come Monday morning I hop on the scale and if I gained a point or two, I go right back to WIN mode for a day or so and the pounds are gone. You will learn how easy it is to curb things back. I absolutely love the way I can balance my diet now. I feel like I’m in control. I never thought at the age of 44 I could look and feel this way. People were very skeptical when I would tell them about the beads and I’ll be honest so was I at first, but believe me this diet is what changed my life. I thank you Dr. Suchoff and I’m so happy I did it!!!"

- Michelle F.

"I had been having issues with my leg and foot. I believed I had a significant bone issue going on. It felt as though one leg was getting shorter as time went on. I made an appointment with Larry. I swear to you when I say, he laid me down on his table, felt my hip bones, stood me up and said you need to go get X-rays. He told me I have a real problem. I was extremely happy that he offered to send me for an X-ray that way I could see with my own eyes what was happening. The very next day he had fit me in for an appointment. He knew exactly what was wrong and explained it in detail. The next thing I knew, he laid me down and within two cracks I WAS FIXED. I stood up and could immediately feel my leg was back in place. Let me just explain that I had this problem for years. No one could help me. I had seen numerous M.D.’s and they never solved the problem. I owe my happy bones to Larry. I can now continue to be a runner, biker and rockstar because of YOU.

Thank you so much!"

- Rakela B.

"Larry Suchoff has been my chiropractor for over 10 years and I cannot say enough good things about him, not only as a healthcare provider but also as a human being. I had chronic back pain my entire life due to spinal deformations. Not only did Dr. Suchoff provide tremendous pain relief with his chiropractic care, he also assisted me greatly in coming to terms with my medical issues and weighing my options for treatment. He referred me to excellent doctors and I eventually had surgery which thankfully reduced my pain tremendously. I now see Dr. Suchoff 2-3 times a year and I am pain-free. Dr. Suchoff changed my life and I am forever grateful!"

- Sherri U.

"Hi my name is Fran Rosmarin and I have been under the care of Dr. Lawrence Suchoff for over 18 years. I was exposed to formaldehyde and could not sit as my thighs burned. My mother took me to over 40 dermatologists and no one had a clue. For the last few years, Dr. Suchoff has found an area under my spine that he sees and feels if my skin is hypersensitive and when I can’t sit at all he stretches each leg from my angles to my knees til the muscle releases. He has helped me psychologically as he knows when my skin goes out it takes me to a very dark place. He has helped me with neck, shoulder, and back tendonitis of my ankle and calf, and this past Thanksgiving I fell down 6 steps and injured my ankle and thigh. I live in his neighborhood and that is why I would never move. He is one of the most exceptional and wise human beings I have ever known. He is always happy and the atmosphere in the office is always uplifting, I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a very skilled chiropractor and more. I can go on and on the last 16 years I don’t know what I would have done without his expert help."

- Fran R.

"He is the kindest, sweetest, and most uplifting doctor. He makes you believe when you feel like you’re not sure you can. He genuinely wants you to succeed and you want to stay on track as much for him as for yourself. He is inspirational. He has changed my life, is changing my life!!! Please let him do the same for you!!! In the beginning, I would cringe at the thought of having to go get weighed in, having to let him weigh me in, allowing another person to witness my failure, but losing, I am WINNING!! The best part isn’t actually hearing how much weight I’ve dropped it’s seeing the smile spread across his face, because he’s so happy for me. If you need a little push, read Wheatbellies, and The End of Overeating, by Kessler. Educate yourself, you are not a failure, stop blaming yourself and let Dr. Suchoff help you get on the path back to happiness and freedom. Stop avoiding life and start living one!!! Allow yourself the gift of having a life!!!"

- Tracie A.

"I have never written a testimonial. I haven’t had any luck with any diet, HCG, or the Bariatric surgery I had done, in over 18 years. THIS IS WORKING!!!! I’m down 5 pant sizes in 10 weeks. I’ve lost 42 1/2 LBS. and 72 Inches so far. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel even though I still have a ways to go. I no longer feel it’s impossible. I no longer feel helpless or hopeless. I’m starting to feel young and beautiful again. I no longer cringe when I have to pass by a window or look in the mirror, now when I look I see the future. Each time I look I’m smiling more and more and looking longer. I wasn’t always heavy so it’s still difficult to look at my reflection, but it gets easier every day. I want to take pictures with my little guy now, too many wasted years hiding. Unlike most diets, I see a difference every three days or so, which is nice because you never get depressed.

Don’t make excuses, just do it!!! Is it expensive, no!! I’m not rolling in the dough, in the beginning, I was nervous about the money, but it’s the best money I’ve spent in years!! Think of all the money you won’t be spending on junk food, eating lousy food out, or spending on groceries in ShopRite, it evens out. Can it get expensive, well you’ll have to keep buying new things to wear, LOL!! But somehow that doesn’t bother me, LOL!!!

Many of my aches and pains are gone. The irritating rashes from creases and sweating are subsiding. I can take the stairs one at a time instead of planting both feet on each step before proceeding to the next. I’m sleeping great and have TONS of energy. I can see and reach my toes again. I can bend over, I can bend down, and get down on my knees again!!!! I can fit in my son’s Jeep and ride comfortably in my brother’s Corvette again (and climb up into the one and lift myself out of the other!!!) My blood pressure has been on the money for over 8 weeks now and it’s time to consider lowering my medication. Yeah!! My stress and anxiety have definitely lessened. My changes are also bothering me less, with fewer mood swings, and less heat flashes. My hair has stopped breaking off, it’s no longer dull, my eyes are brighter, my skin softer, my calluses are softening, and my dark skin patches are finally lightening up. Does it embarrass me to talk about these things, YES!!! Then why admit them? Because I feel like I’m being given a new lease on life and I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience these changes for themselves.

I have three very active boys, one 18, one 13, and the baby who just turned 6. They are in three very different places in life and keep me running constantly. The baby’s up at 6 A.M. and the 18-year-old wants to talk at one in the morning all the time, lol!! They all play travel hockey and I’m the chauffeur. That means anyone can do this diet from anywhere. I have a 60 LB. Long Haired German Shepherd who loves hiking, and swimming, is very social, and isn’t even three yet, so she wants to “go” all the time. A large yard and a big house. I cook three meals a day for my boys and come from a tight-knit, large extended family of 42 and we get together all the time. There’s a party every weekend for someone for something, my oldest niece is 23 and the youngest is 6 unless you include the newest “great” addition, three months old. I also help my mom with my 95-year-old grandmother and I can’t say no to anyone for anything, lol! My husband has three jobs, travels constantly, and is rarely home, so almost everything falls to me. And I have plenty of energy for all of the different parts of my busy life. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!"

- Anonymous

"I have been seeing Dr Suchoff for my chiropractic care for 2 1/2 years… .finally in September I decided to change my life and do the WIN diet. I still look at myself and can’t believe it.  It took me two months of being absolutely strict at following the plan and I lost over 30 pounds.   I am pre-baby weight PLUS went from a size 12 to a size 6.   It’s been five months of finishing the strict portion of the diet…and I have still kept off every pound…with a few extra to play with.  I am exercising and feel healthy and so happy!   The diet wasn’t always easy but Dr Suchoff was there every step of the way to help and encourage ..and it truly in fact was “a means to an end”.   I have my days now where I indulge in my carbs and sweets but look at things differently and know how to curb back when I have to.  Thank you so much!"

- Lisa S.

"I have been a patient of Larry’s for the past 20 years. He is a wonderful chiropractor who listens to you, evaluates, and recommends the proper treatment. Not only have I received instant relief from pain that I was having, but I’ve also been on the wellness plan that has kept me happy and healthy."

- Sarah H.

"It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to recommend Dr. Lawrence J. Suchoff as a Chiropractor. I have been his patient for 20 years. He is an individual of strong character, a big heart, and very humble about everything he does. He has determination and seriousness of purpose when treating his patients. He exemplifies responsibility and sensibility.

I have recommended Dr. Suchoff to friends and co-workers because of his expert knowledge and his dedication to seeing that his work is proper and professional. We all have great respect for him and his abilities.

His primary objective is to make you well."

- Angela C.

"My Husband thought this was the craziest diet ever (beads behind the ears, huh!). Boy, was he wrong! Now he is singing WIN Diet praises. In eleven months, I lost over 150 pounds. It is a whole different look. After a year, I still can’t believe it. With all the diets I’ve tried and inconclusive support from traditional medicine and doctors the only true, long-lasting regime has been the WIN Diet.

The old me is back. I have lots of energy and stamina to do the activities I did before the excessive weight impeded my life. I was no longer trapped, the “me” inside an unhealthy body. I am healthier physically and emotionally and have the mental discipline to stay this way."

- Nathalie J.

"Having been a patient of Dr. Suchoff for approximately 15 years, his concern, his patience, and his ability to deal with my physical (chiropractic-related problems), has been a life-changing meaningful experience.

I have and continue to recommend his professional services to all individuals who need health care."

- Jay S.

"I have known Dr. Suchoff personally since I was a kid. A few years ago when I decided that I needed the help of a chiropractor for chronic neck pain, the first and only person I considered was Dr. Suchoff. I know what kind of a person he was and I knew he’d be able to help me.

After an initial consultation, he laid out a plan to help me return to normal. He also gave me great suggestions and exercises that have helped tremendously. He is straightforward, courteous, and extremely competent. I would highly recommend him to someone looking for chiropractic care."

- Steve B.

"My name is Frances Tiso. My husband John and I have been patients of Dr. Larry Suchoff for 18 years. We have come to know Dr. Suchoff professionally as a doctor of chiropractic care and also have developed a friendship.

John is a plumber by trade. He’s always abusing his body in one way or another. So needless to say Larry has been there on numerous occasions to relieve him of his acute injuries. Whether it was a back, neck, hip, or even his migraine headaches it was always a guarantee that Larry would relieve him from his pain. No disrespect to Dr. Suchoff by calling him Larry but that’s just the kind of friendship we have developed over the years. He’s very personable, kind, and genuinely caring. He always has a smile when he greets you and a great sense of humor. Sometimes my husband and I share the best jokes. But most importantly his skills as a doctor of chiropractic medicine demonstrate that he is by far superior in physical manipulation and adjustment of the spine.

I have had my share of injuries too and have received the same care as my husband. Dr. Suchoff has always called me back in an emergency situation no matter what time. His availability for appointment scheduling is never a hassle. His office staff is pleasant and willing to accommodate you when you need to make an appointment.

John and I highly recommend Dr. Suchoff for chiropractic care."

- John and Fran T.

"Although unbelievable, it is absolutely 100% the truth. I’ve never seen anything like it. Over the past 16 years, I’ve tried everything, and I mean everything in an effort to lose weight and nothing worked. All the new diets, all the new tricks and I only got fatter and fatter.

Then I came to Dr. Suchoff and tried the WIN Diet. I lost 15 lbs. in the first seven days. The results speak for themselves. During most of the diet, I averaged 7 lbs. of weight loss a week. It truly is amazing Dr. Suchoff and his wonderful support and encouragement were an important part of my success.

This is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I am in my mid 40’s and as owner of a construction company, I spend a lot of time in the field. With Dr. Suchoff’s suggestions, staying on the diet was extremely easy.

Dr. Suchoff’s non-shaming support and guidance were a huge factor in not only my success but also the success of anybody else I know that has gone on the WIN Diet. Dr. Suchoff has been amazingly supportive and instrumental, even still now that I have maintained the weight loss for about nine months. It is very rare in this day and age, to call a doctor with a question or concern and get a call back from the doctor himself within 1-3 hours. I have referred nearly 50 people to Dr. Suchoff and all of them say the same thing.

As I stated earlier, the results speak for themselves. And obviously, people noticed that I was getting thinner. With each passing week, I not only looked better, I felt better and my energy level and self-esteem have soared.

Overall, it has been an amazing experience. The hardest part was the timing of when to buy new clothes as the weight loss was so rapid.

Dr. Suchoff was there every step of the way. There is no reason to be fat, now that we have Dr. Suchoff and the WIN Diet."

- Michael M.

"I was suffering from “Severe” neck pain and could barely walk.

As a skeptic of chiropractic care, I was hesitant to seek help. I phoned Dr. Suchoff on a Sunday morning at 7:00 AM and within minutes, he called me back. He told me to “Come right in!”

I was a bit nervous, so he explained everything he was going to do for me. His kindness and gentle touch helped me feel at ease. I feel so much better and have recommended Dr. Suchoff to all of my friends and family. Dr. Suchoff made a believer out of me!"

- Catherine M.

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